TED Talk recommendation

Designing Paintings

Creating art is and always has been about communication and hidden stories or meanings. Some of the more famous artists would spend more time ‘designing’ their paintings than they would spend actually painting them.

In this post, I would like to recommend one of the infamous TED talks to you. If you are unfamiliar with TED talks, they are like mini lectures, from experts in their respective fields. Normally, 10-20 minutes they are thought provoking and always well presented.

This TED talk is by Tracy Chevalier. Excerpted from her video:

When Tracy Chevalier looks at paintings, she imagines the stories behind them: How did the painter meet his model? What would explain that look in her eye? Why is that man … blushing? She shares three stories inspired by portraits, including the one that led to her best-selling novel “Girl With a Pearl Earring.”

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