Well, Hello there!
I Draw Creatures is a consistently updated collection of useful resources, tutorials, and image stock for artists! All loving crafted by hand and with love by me, Robin.

**I created this site for two reasons.**
1. As a central repository for interesting things I find on-line that might help me learn to draw and paint better.
1. As a way to help other artists by sharing the little bits of useful knowledge I have gained in my own artistic journey.

For the latest speed-paintings, tutorials and random musings, you can check out my YouTube channel: [IDrawCreatures]

I have been creating art on and off most of my life, and I enjoy occasionally exploring different mediums. My current favorites are traditional graphite and digital, especially on the iPad. My favorite subjects has always been strange creatures and non-humans. You can check out my Udemy course on [How To Draw From Photographs] with a very special discount!

Feel free to contact me on my social media platforms if you have any questions! I am happy to look at your art and help you with questions you might have. I also am open to collaborations and guest writers!

Be sure to check out one of my FaceBook pages [Creature Designer] I look forwards to connecting with you.

**Currently in progress:**

    Creature Design E-Book
    Mandala Coloring Book
    Tutorials For This Site

I hope you will stick around and enjoy the site.

Warm regards, Rob.