Sketching In Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is one of those applications that I have seen but never really taken the time to learn properly. This year that is going to change!

I have set myself a personal goal, a new years resolution so to speak, of learning the application from the ground up.

I have already been exploring custom brushes, various tools like the pencils, airbrush, blenders and transformation tools.

Below is one of the first few images created with this software.

SO, you might be wondering why start learning yet another application? Well, it comes down to something I have been thinking about lately, and that is...

"every time we switch between applications, we are faced with a learning curve"

It may only be a short time to get back up to speed, a 'refresher' if you will, but still it takes away from doing what we actually want to be doing, and that is drawing.

With Photoshop now a subscription model, I wanted to purchase and own my applications once. NOT have to re-buy every month!


Clip Studio Paint is a cheap, fully featured digital painting application. Primarily aimed at comic artists, but also more than capable of creating digital paintings.

It has a limited number of tools (more than enough for most) and has a really great UI. It also supports 'stabilization' which is a feature that 'smooths' your strokes as you draw.

Over the coming weeks, I will be focusing more on creating my images using CSP instead of PS. I hope you will follow me on this journey.

Catch you soon!


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